Chrissy Metz's Weight Loss Progress – 100 Pound Reduction - Chrissy Metz's Weigth Loss 2023

Find inspiration in this American actress's journey to lose weight and improve fitness.

Chrissy Metz's Weight Loss Progress – 100 Pound Reduction - Chrissy Metz's Weigth Loss 2023

Chrissy Metz's weight loss journey has been a topic of conversation. As Kate Pearson in the hit show "This Is Us," she serves as an inspiration to women of all ages and sizes. The show's creator, Dan Fogelman, has also been supportive of her progress. Chrissy lost weight at her own pace, and her success has been rewarded with Emmy nominations. Discover how Chrissy began her weight loss journey and what motivates her to continue. Her story can serve as inspiration for your own health and fitness goals.

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Early Life Weight Loss Challenges - The Origin

young Chrissy Metz weight-loss

Chrissy Metz, like many individuals, faced the challenge of obesity from a young age. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she stated, "I was born overweight, and as I grew older, my weight would fluctuate depending on my level of physical activity and sports participation. However, I was always considered a heavier child. My friends could eat whatever they wanted, but I had to be mindful of my food choices to prevent weight gain."

Chrissy also shared her personal experiences growing up. She felt that her mother loved her, but her two younger, thinner sisters were more fun to shop and try on clothes with. This experience was difficult for her, and it is something that she relates to with her character Kate Pearson. In an interview, she said, "I remember going to Weight Watchers when I was 11 years old, and I was the youngest person there. It was awkward. My mother was trying to figure out how to help me, but it's a process. Kate wants her mother to be happy with her, and Rebecca (her on-screen mother played by Mandy Moore) just wants her daughter to be happy and to live a normal life without being bullied. No matter what, someone will always find something to pick on you about. It's a complex and heartbreaking dynamic."
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Acting as a Surprise Opportunity - What Will be Key in Her Weight Loss Journey

Chrissy Metz Weigth Loss

Prior to becoming an actress, Chrissy Metz worked as a preschool teacher. In an interview with Marie Claire, she shared that she accompanied her sister to an audition and ran into a former teacher who encouraged her to audition as well. She said, "In my heart, I wanted to, but I was too scared." Despite her fear, she decided to give it a try and received a call the next day. Within a year, she moved to Los Angeles to audition for pilot season. According to her mother, Chrissy said, "Mom, I'm going to pursue my dream."

Weight Challenges and Career

Weight Challenges and Career

After moving to LA and attending numerous auditions, Chrissy Metz found work as an assistant to her agent in order to make ends meet. However, she told Marie Claire that she felt it was unfair, stating, "I didn't come here for that." Despite her disappointment, she had to work as an agent for a period of time. In an honest interview with Harper's Bazaar, Chrissy revealed that it was difficult for her to schedule auditions for other actresses, saying, "Scheduling auditions for other talents was like watching my boyfriend go out with another woman every day."

Before securing her breakout role in "This Is Us," Chrissy Metz followed her then-agent's advice and lost 50 pounds, but later regained 100 pounds. She attributed this weight gain to depression and emotional eating. On her 30th birthday, she had a panic attack and was hospitalized, which prompted her to reevaluate her weight loss approach.
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Chrissy Metz's 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Chrissy Met's 100 Pound Weight Loss

Following the panic attack, Chrissy became more dedicated and responsible in her approach to weight loss. She adopted a 2000 calorie diet, avoided unhealthy foods, and walked for 20 minutes daily. These changes had a significant impact on both her physical and mental well-being. In five months, she lost 100 pounds. This time, she took a more measured approach to weight loss, and was in a better state of mind compared to before.

Afterwards, she landed a role in "American Horror Story" which required her to wear a fat suit. This served as a second wake-up call for her. Chrissy said, "It was sobering...I thought, 'What if I become that heavy and can't walk around or get stuck in the door frame?' I realized, 'I don't want this for myself."

Chrissy Metz's Journey to Securing the Role on This Is Us

After "American Horror Story," Chrissy Metz continued to pursue acting opportunities. She told Glamour that she auditioned frequently despite financial struggles, living on unemployment and purchasing ramen noodles at dollar stores. She was fortunate to have friends and supportive people around her who helped her financially and emotionally. Chrissy even admitted to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she had only 81 cents in her bank account and just enough gas in her car to drive to the audition of "This Is Us." Despite her doubts, she was chosen for the role of Kate Pearson over another actress who was slimmer. Show creator Dan Fogelman's sister also struggled with weight loss and understood that Chrissy would be the best fit for the role.

Playing the role of Kate Pearson was particularly relatable for Chrissy Metz as she shared similar struggles. She stated, "I saw that Kate was a real woman who was really struggling and I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm Kate'."In an interview with Deadline, Chrissy expressed her excitement for the script, explaining that it dealt with real issues such as inadequacy, codependent relationships and living in the shadows. She begged her agent for the opportunity to audition for the role. Thanks to the success of the show, Chrissy was finally able to be open about her own struggles and make a living. However, rumors have circulated if she was obligated to lose weight as part of her contract.
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Is Chrissy Metz Required to Lose Weight in her Contract?

Chrissy Metz Required to Lose Weight

There have been speculations that Chrissy Metz has signed a contract that requires her to lose a certain amount of weight. However, this is not true. She stated to People that her contract does not have any such requirement. However, Chrissy is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, both for herself and for her character Kate Pearson's journey towards self-discovery. She said, "Our contract did state that losing weight would be a part of the character's journey as she learns to find herself."

Chrissy also stated, "Why not use the motivation of my character to strive for a healthy weight? This is something that actors do all the time. We change, we grow as actors...we lose weight, we gain weight, we change our hair, etc." She also mentioned on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that, "Like many actors, we are chameleons, and we play different roles, similar to how Christian Bale lost a lot of weight for The Machinist." This approach makes sense.

The Significance of Chrissy Metz's Weight Loss Journey on This Is Us

Chrissy Metz's Weigth Loss Journey

The timing of "This Is Us" was perfect for Chrissy Metz. She stated that the show is helping educate people that individuals who are overweight are not just indulging in food nonstop. Food is only a symptom and not the root of the problem. Once food is removed, the underlying issues come to the surface. And that is what needs to be addressed. This is why she said, "We create art, movies, and television...because someone, somewhere needs to know that they are not alone."

Through her portrayal of Kate, Chrissy Metz is losing weight and gaining self-confidence. This is her wish for others who are struggling. Many women can relate to her journey. She told Glamour, "I've had women, including older women and teenagers, tell me that my role and the show has changed their lives. That makes all the struggles, all the ramen noodles, all the times I couldn't pay my bills, and all the moments when I felt like giving up, worth it."
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